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August Schmiedeskamp – CEO “Ball for All”

Cerebral Palsied Spastic Quadriplegic

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World Record Attempt – Wheelchair Combi Dance

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Herewith below, the actual music we’ll be performing to – just listen to that sound and beat!!! The Rock Band Queen will be over the moon with us….

If you’re a wheelchair user, or a group of wheelchair users, and you want to participate in our Wheelchair Combi Dance World Record Attempt (we have plenty of dance partners if you do not have a dance partner, and the dance is easy!)

Note – All Dancers will use the ribbon as illustrated below


Participants – Click here to view all Videos of Participants practicing the

World Record Dance 

Our First Rehearsal – 14 August 2021 – Rehearsal Lead Michelle from La Danza in Murrayfield, Pretoria. You guys and gals rock! and we love you for it…


A huge “Thank You” to Ehlers Attorneys for your ongoing support




For more information contact Elmarie –

The Rock Band “Queen” has given their blessing that we may use their all time hit “Don’t stop me now” 

A major “Thank You!” to the KykNet Kwêla Team that joined us on the evening



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